The DemocracyReady NY Coalition is convened by the Center for Educational Equity, a policy and research center, at Teachers College, Columbia University. The Center was founded in 2005 by educational law scholar Michael A. Rebell, who successfully litigated the landmark educational-rights lawsuit, Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) v. State of New York.  


The Center’s work seeks to guarantee every child a meaningful educational opportunity to graduate from high school prepared for college, careers, and engaged civic participation. A meaningful education equips young people with the knowledge, skills, habits, and experiences they need to build their own futures and shape the futures of their communities. Securing every child’s right to education is key to a fair society and a strong democracy. 


We use legal strategies, academic research, and collective advocacy to achieve foundational change. We promote effective court orders, strong policies, improved investment in schooling, and informed stakeholders to strengthen educational rights and to ensure all schools are well-equipped to meet the needs of all their students, especially in underserved communities.


Executive Director Michael Rebell is the author of the acclaimed book Flunking Democracy: Schools, Courts, and Civic Participation. On November 29, 2018, Rebell filed a federal class action suit to establish a right under the U.S. Constitution to an adequate education to prepare young people for full civic participation.


Our critical work is fueled by the generosity of others. Support DemocracyReady NY through a gift to the Center for Educational Equity and be a part of this collaborative, equity-driven transformation of our educational landscape.

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