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Preparing for Civic Responsibility in Our Digital Age

A Framework for Educators to Ensure Media Literacy Education for Every Student

The task of equipping students to navigate and thrive in the real world requires a new skill set. That’s what media literacy offers. When we take seriously the notion that a central purpose of schooling is to prepare future generations to exercise their civic responsibilities, then, in a digital world, media literacy must be a high priority in all schools. We provide this media literacy education outcomes framework as a response to that need.

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Resources from Our Members

New York State Seal of Civic Readiness 

Media Literacy

Discussing Controversial Issues in the Classroom

Youth Engagement

  • Citizens Committee for Children of New York. YouthAction NYC is their after-school program for high school students interested in learning to be effective advocates for the issues they care about and  advocate on behalf of themselves, their schools and their communities. Participants learn how to gather information, document what they learn, and then effectively communicate this information to their communities and elected officials.
  • DoSomething, as one of the largest nonprofits exclusively for young people and social change, DoSomething has activated millions of young people in every U.S. area code and 189 countries to take action to improve their communities. 
  • Generation Citizen offers an online, free self-paced training through an online professional development platform, Kick Start Action Civics, for educators to build foundational knowledge of the Action Civics pedagogy. Action Civics is a hands-on, experiential approach to civics education, in which young people learn about democracy by actively working to address issues in their own communities. Generation Citizen trains teachers, amplifies youth voices, provides curriculum, and advocates for policy solutions that advance this essential education across New York and the country.
  • Inquiring Minds Institute KidCivics Videos. KidCivics is a video series designed by kids to help children and adults understand how children can thrive during their time in school. They use Socratic debate and cooperative dialogue strategies to help students probe, problem-solve and create new knowledge.
  • Mikva Challenge develops youth to be empowered, informed, and active citizens who will promote a just and equitable society. 
  • New York Youth Civics Initiative, discover paid internships, engaging events, exciting programs and interactive workshops by the youth-led groups that are a part of the solution.
  • Next Generation Politics produces The Round Table, the weekly for-GenZ, by-GenZ podcast that offers a platform for conversation and engagement of civically-minded young people from across the country. The Round Table models civil dialogue across various divides--socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, political, and regional-- seeking to challenge norms and represent all kinds of diversity, especially of perspective and ideas. 
  • The Puerto Rican Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute.  The Institute's purpose is to foster the leadership skills of Hispanic students and to introduce them to New York State's legislative process.
  • YVote's Youth Civic Huba one-stop clearinghouse of civic programming, opportunities, and resources, and an updatable calendar of civic events and opportunities.

Civic Learning in Elementary School/Early Education  

Other Resources  


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